Friday, May 11, 2007

The Weekend That Was

So even though I sent out a "Hump Day Report" this week I thought I post last weekends summary here for posterity anyway.

Last weekend only included one day (Sunday) of climbing for me as many factors conspired against my presence at the Lake on Saturday. I travelled from Chicago to Portage via Amtrak and thouroughly enjoyed it; if they had a better schedule, then I would take the train every weekend.

Upon arriving at the Lake (around 7:30) I promptly "broke-in" to my camper, because I had forgotten my keys in Chicago. Once I finished practicing my burglary skills I went for a run. Started at the North end of the West Bluff trail, went up and over the, and came back along the Lake on the Tumbled Rocks trail. It was a gorgeous night to be running beside the Lake in fading light.

Ron's campsite saw a major improvement. He spent most of Friday and Saturday constructing a "carport" arounf his camper. It looks considerably better than the old silver tarp.

Congrats are in order to Jay as he redpointed his first 5.14 this week, Cold War (5.14a) at Rumney. Nice send dude!

As for Sunday's climbing Ron and I chose to head to Balanced Rock Wall. The combination of easy approach and flat base were easy on Ron's still mildly ailing ankle. We worked Watermarks (5.8), Watermarks Leftside (5.8), Morning After (5.10d) and briefly on Night Before (5.11d). I managed to send Morning After; which is a fairly interesting route. Ron sent Watermarks Leftside (after a sustained effoet which you'll have to ask him about) even with bum ankle.

After climbing we returned to the campground and closed up the campers for the week and headed home. All in all not a bad little Sunday.


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