Saturday, April 18, 2015

Utah in Photos...Mostly.

Jay and I had been planning a trip to Utah for about six months. We have been there together twice before, and on each of those trips we got our butts kicked for a variety of reasons. The reasons that immediately come to mind are; an overloaded station wagon starting on fire, both lead ropes getting core-shot halfway up Spaceshot and a general malaise/lack of motivation that neither of us can seem to shake when in the state together. Despite all of this, those two trips remain some of the most memorable of our lives and served as the basis for what has become an important friendship existing in the space beyond the carefree days of youthful climbing adventures in what has become the (occasionally all-too) real world we both inhabit in the present-day as adults with lives beyond the cliffs.

Morning Alpenglow on the Six Shooters

During those first two trips, our youthful exuberance was our biggest asset, while our corresponding inexperience was our biggest liability. We thought we would give it another shot and let our older, wiser and more experienced selves have a crack at it. We thought it would be different this time...we were wrong. In the end, we adjusted our agenda to meet some unforeseen circumstances, re-visited some prior epics, shared some laughs and climbed a few good routes - all things considered (it is Utah after all) we had a good trip.

Anyone for a career change?
Maybe they're hiring "Quality Control Engineers"
Obligatory Newspaper Rock petroglyph photo
Indian Creek - miles and miles and miles of cliffs
Tumblin' Tumbleweed
Nylon mesh is no match for wind and fine sand
Jay, prepping for a go on Slice and Dice (5.12)
Me, after a go on Supercrack (5.10) - yes, it is wider than hands
Jay contemplates a North Six Shooter sunset
North Six Shooter at sunrise
The Wall Street stick clip
When trad climbing in the desert doesn't work, you go sport climbing
The aptly named Aesthetics (5.13)
Shoes at the base of Aesthetics
Crossing the log bridge over Mill Creek
When sport climbing doesn't work, you fly home early and hit the airport bar

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