Monday, April 21, 2014

American Alpine Club/The North Face Live Your Dream Grant

Some of you may know that I spent the last nine days on a climbing trip to Joshua Tree National Park - an overwhelmingly awesome experience that I cannot wait to write about as soon as I collect all of the pictures. In the meantime I want to talk about one of the most exciting things to happen during the my time there despite it being only loosely connected to the J-Tree trip.

Last Wednesday, after three straight days of climbing, my climbing partner Jay and I headed into town for a rest day. Aside from showers and flush toilets, this meant access to cellular service and all its attendant modern-day e-goodies. Missed calls, missed texts, and full inboxes lit up our individual smart phones. Aside from the chance to talk with my wife and son, I was most excited about a waiting e-mail from the American Alpine Club (AAC) and a voice-mail from a Denver number.

On March 1st, 2014, I applied for an American Alpine Club/The North Face Live Your Dream Grant and had been patiently waiting since then to find out whether or not I had been awarded a grant. The AAC said a response would come by April 15th, so I was sure (last Wednesday was April 16th)  the e-mail header I saw from the AAC in my inbox would contain news about the grant. It did and so did the voice-mail from Denver. The news was that I had indeed been awarded a grant and just needed to contact the AAC in order to accept. I immediately called the contact number and got a voice-mailbox. Then, I quickly fired off an e-mail explaining that I was in town for a rest day and in a few hours would be heading back into the park, and therefore unreachable for several days. My phone rang almost instantly, it seems the AAC knows climbers pretty well.

I do not have the words to express how excited I am to be a part of this program or how grateful I am for the opportunity! Check back here often for more information on the trip my friend Phil and I are planning, as well as details on our training and planning. For now I will leave you with one teaser shot from the J-tree trip - look for a full trip report later in the week!

Jay Knower on Cryptic (5.8)


Matthew said...


You going to the Lake this weekend, or catching up with family? I'm excited for the trip report and full details on the grant.

James said...

Thanks Matthew!

I plan on going to the Lake Saturday, it would be great to see you. I think my friends John and Paul are coming up too, there was talk of going to Horse Rampart. Text me if you're interested.