Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Weekend Report for 4/5/14 - 4/6/14


If you read my post from late Saturday night, then you are probably under the correct assumption that I had a good weekend, but A Red Recollection was just a small part of it. I met my friend Justin by the horse-trailer lot at Governor Dodge State Park a little after 10am on Saturday morning. We headed up the Qual Wall for some sandstone sport climbing. We started out on Warm Up 1 and Warm Up 2. We both agreed that Warm Up 2 has gotten easier because a new hold has evolved over the winter - it is definitely the easier of the two warm ups now.

After doing that we headed over to the base of A Red Recollection where we took our time flaking the rope out, and I took my time racking draws and psyching myself up. John and Paul showed up in the middle of this process, it was good to see them, and nice to have a some more support. Thanks Justin for the belay, John for the cheers, and Paul for the rad photo.

After A Red Recollection we headed back to the warm up wall. Justin hiked Leftwing (5.10a). Then I tried to flash Pocket Warmup (5.10b/c) but took a ten-footer on the way to the fourth bolt. We were all pretty worked at that point so we decided to call it a day for routes, and packed up the ropes.

My wife Christina and son Hank caught up with us and we all headed over to the Group Camp B bouldering area, where we wound the day down by hanging out in the fading light, a great finish to a great day.


Sunday I headed over to the Lake to climb with my new friend Matthew. I met him at the top of the CCC trail; we planned on getting a mileage day in on the East Rampart. Our goal was 10 pitches and we got it done as follows:

1. Matthew led Easy Overhang (5.4)
2. I led Birch Tree Crack (5.8)
3. & 4. Matthew led both pitches of The Pedestal (5.4)
5. I led The Spine (5.4)
6. Matthew led Anemic Ladder (5.5)
7. I led Peter's Project (5.7)
8. Matthew led Full Stop (5.6)
9. I led Boy Scout (5.3)
10. Matthew led Brinton's Crack (5.6)

Matthew has been keying up to lead Brinton's Crack for a while now, and it was awesome to see him get it done! Nice work Matthew, especially considering it was late in the day and we were both worked. After that we walked down the CCC trail in the fading light, putting a great weekend to a close.


Matthew said...

Good recap, and thanks for partnering up on Sunday!

And I'm glad you put the weather report in your next post, because I was planning to camp it this weekend.

James said...

Glad you found the weather report useful, camping might not be the best bet. Although, a little rain never hurt anyone.