Friday, May 9, 2014

The Weekend to Be 5/10-5/11 2014

This weekend's weather appears to be a little suspect, with calling for a 40% chance of rain tomorrow and a 100% chance on Sunday. That translates into a 60% chance of at-least one rain-free day, and a 0% chance of a rain-free weekend. However, all hope is not lost! If one drills-down to the hourly forecast, Intellicast tells a much more promising story; only calling for rain overnight - late Saturday into Sunday morning that will clear up providing a gorgeous afternoon on Sunday. You should be planning on a full weekend of climbing at the Lake! Just allow yourself a little time on Sunday morning for a nice brunch or the like, by noon conditions will be prime for climbing!

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Johnny said...

Only 10% for tomorrow. Should be perfect!