Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Catching up...

I have been slacking...actually I have been working really hard on my AAC/TNF LYD trip report, and other than Whiskey a Go-Go updates I have not been keeping up with recent activities - so this will basically be a quick photo/video dump that I need to catch up on.

September 7th - Necedah

Eric, Justin, Sarah and I had a good day. I took a few good pics of Eric while he and I were doing the mega-classic Air (5.6). Here are a few shots from the route:
Eric, part way up

Eric, close-up

Eric, at the belay ledge

September 13th - Hillbilly Hollow

John, Paul, Matthew and I headed over to the Hollow for a day. I managed to get a few shots and some video of my buddy John K repeating a route he did the first ascent of a few years back. I combined the stills and video into the YouTube video below. It is short and probably over-produced, but it was fun to shoot and make. In addition to climbing in the video, Johnny did the music - you can check out more of his musical creations at


Johnny said...

Good post James. I will have an EP of the song in the video put up on Bandcamp today if anyone wants to download it. Should be up before the end of the work day.

James said...

Folks should definitely download it, it's a great track!

Johnny said...

Here's the link to the 2 Song EP Reactor! Enjoy!

Johnny said...

You can download any of my songs for free, or name your price. Just put $0.00 if you don't want to pay.