Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cross One Off the List!

I love Thoroughfare, and I have loved it since the first time I climbed it on a top-rope close to a decade ago. At that time, if anyone would have asked if I would ever lead it, or any 5.11 trad route for that matter, I would have told them they were crazy! Even my considerably bolder early-twenties self would have thought leading 5.11 on gear was unlikely - I just did not have the mindset, commitment, or process that I do now. Latching the jug you see me holding in the picture below, is the result of over a year-and-a-half of hard work, dedication and commitment to a process. Two years ago this was an impossibility, and last night it became a reality - it won't land me in any of the mags next month and #Thoroughfare won't be trending on Twitter anytime soon, but I accomplished a goal I was not even aware that I had until recently and considered impossible up until a few months ago. There is no secret to doing this, and I really believe anyone can do it...set a goal, create a plan, and work the plan. It will take sacrifices along the way, but that moment, where you blow so far through any prior expectations you could have conceived of for yourself, is worth every bit of sacrifice along the way - the smile on my face speaks for itself.
James Schroeder, hitting the jug at the end of the difficulties on Thoroughfare (5.11a) at Devil's Lake - Jay Knower Photo
James Schroeder, low on Thoroughfare (5.11a) - Jay Knower Photo
James Schroeder, almost through the last of the difficulties on Thoroughfare (5.11a) - Jay Knower Photo
So, set a goal for yourself, whatever it might be - climbing, running, biking, paddling, you name it - build a plan to help you accomplish that goal, and get after it! Time is precious, stop putting it off for tomorrow...days turn into weeks, turn into years, turn into graves - if you don't start now you might never get the chance.


Ana said...

Cool stuff James! Ana

James said...

Thanks Ana!