Thursday, June 11, 2015

WAGG Day 14 - Goes 40-41


It's been three weeks since the last time I was up at Necedah, and truth be told, I had pretty much written Whiskey off until the fall when conditions came back around. But when Charles texted me last Saturday to see if I'd meet him up there last night, I couldn't miss the opportunity. A couple days later Nate texted to see if I wanted to meet up and I told him to join Charles and me.

Conditions were, shall we say, sub-optimal. It was 88 degrees and humid. So much so that I didn't even want to get on Whiskey and was going to content myself with a variety of other diversions. So Charles and I started by warming up on Tower Route and then made our way over to Early Times. Charles went first, and as he was lowering off, Nate showed up. So Nate did Tower Route, and then I did Early Times. While Nate was doing Early Times, he convinced me to drop a toprope on I did.

I took an ugly go on it, almost peeling some skin off one of my fingertips and coming close to tweaking a finger or two on the "soapdish". The conditions were bad, and it was taking a lot of extra gripping power - I decided to lower-off before I did some serious damage. Nate also took a go and reached the same conclusion. We were all feeling a little down and it felt like we were about to hang it up.

Having never been on it before, Charles's first go in Early Times wasn't clean, so Nate and I encouraged him to get back on it. He did, and he sent, which turned the night around. We were psyched for Charles, and so we were just psyched - psych can be contagious like that.

I had a Red Bull, cranked some tunes on the iPhone and tied-back-in for another go at Whiskey. And boy am I glad I did! I had my best effort on it yet, one-hanging it on TR. Nate went again, made some progress and Charles finished up the night with a quick burn.

All-told, it was a great night out, and my expectations were surpassed!

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