Thursday, May 21, 2015

WAGG Day 13 - Goes 37-39

05/21/15 (weight 178.2, AMRHR 52)

We had to put our beloved dog, Jenny, down today, and I needed to get out of the house - so I headed up to Necedah to meet Nate and drown my sorrows with a few goes on Whiskey. It was a nice evening, maybe a little warmer than ideal for climbing, but great temps for just being outside. At the end, while cleaning the anchors, I was treated to the beautiful sunset below.

Whiskey sunset...
The first go I took was a lead go, and everything felt very solid, right up until the wheels came off clipping the third bolt. The thing about Whiskey a Go-Go, at least for me, is that every single thing needs to be done with perfection in order for me to have a prayer of getting things done - it is stretching my limits to the max. While clipping the third bolt, my right arm shuddered a little, my left tried to clip, but bumped the biner instead, then I dropped the rope, grabbed the draw and yelled "Take!" I briefly recovered my mojo and climbed straight through from the third bolt to just below the fifth bolt where I found it impossible, despite repeated attempts, to get myself to commit to the awkward move to gain the mail slot up high. I lowered off, walked around, re-hung the TR and rappelled.

The second go was on TR and felt solid. I two-hung the route, but felt like I was making progress...I found some new foot beta that makes the moves going to the Gaston in the crux less physical...a blessing.

The third go was another TR go, and felt great, I two-hung the route, but only because I fell on the last move. Here too, I found some better beta that involves a high right foot, sort of a back-stepped, drop-kneed kind of thing.

All told it was a great night out, and the perfect remedy for my first sunset without Jenny in the world.

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