Basics at the Lake

DISCLAIMER: Climbing is dangerous and by climbing you can die or get seriously injured. If you participate in the sport of climbing, then you are accepting the fact that, even if you do everything right; there is still a chance of serious injury or death. If you fail to do everything right you probably will get hurt or die - gravity does not go easy on you just because you are having a bad day. You are responsible for your own safety at all times. The information presented here is not exhaustive and is only meant to be applied by knowledgeable and experienced climbers. This information is in no way a substitute for qualified instruction. Some of this information may help competent climbers get more out of the day, but it is not enough to keep an inexperienced climber safe. Ultimately this information should only be evaluated and applied for its applicability to individual situations which can vary from route-to-route, person-to-person, season-to-season, day-to-day and even second-to-second. If you die or get hurt climbing it is your fault and your fault alone - not mine.

This pages and the pages that it will link to are a work in progress, if you have a comment or a suggestion, then please politely share it.

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