Monday, April 30, 2007

The Weekend that was...

Saturday morning found Ron, Coach and I leaving Wheeler's around 9:30am. Coach was concerned about the hatch by the lake, so we headed up the West Bluff service road towards Lost Face. We dropped ropes on Lost Face(5.6-5.8), Cracker Jack(5.8), and Coup d'Etat(5.11b).

The day went fairly well, that is until Ron rolled his ankle at the base of Lost Face. A few scary moments passed (Lost Face would not be the easiest place to carry someone out of) as Coach and I watched Ron tumble, then slide face first for a few feet, but as soon as the choice words started flowing I knew he'd be fine. He managed to hobble out under his own power.

Since it was already afternoon we decided to call it a day shortly after Ron's tumble, and adjourned to Wheeler's where boat drinks and ibuprofen seemed to ease everyone's pain.

Sunday was deemed site improvement day, so we did some maintenance around the campers and laid low.

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