Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Weekend to Be...

Well weather.com is calling for the following as of right now...

Sunny - High 72 - Low 59 - 20% chance of precip
Scattered T-Storms - High 78 - Low 57 - 40% chance of precip

Which suggests the following:
Chance of at least on rain free day: 92%
Chance of a rain free weekend: 48%

Looks like a possibly good climbing weekend, unfortunately weather.com is also predicting at least a 30% chance of rain for every day between now and Friday with a 70% chance for Thursday. This isn't good for the area; which has received far too much rain in the last week, resulting in the flooding shown below. What you're seeing in those videos is the collapse of Lake Delton a few miles from Baraboo.

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Jason Huston said...

Yo James, did you end up taking your trip to the PNW to do some mountaineering? Pics, trip report, stories of debauchery? It was appearing that the Fudd climbing blog was back up and running for a while...