Sunday, September 7, 2014

WAGG Day 3 - Goes 7-9

It was another gorgeous day at Necedah today, and I was lucky enough to get another three goes on Whiskey. I made a lot of progress today and I am thrilled by that. On my first go, I climbed to the crux section, and worked it for while. On my second I started from the block, and hauled myself up to the crux to start fresh there. I figured out the crux section move by move, and managed to do them all. On the third go my foot popped going for the sidepull just below the soapdish and I tore a massive flapper into my left index finger (pic below).

Day Over!
9/7/14 (weight 176.8, AMRHR 56)

More key beta through the crux section:
  • After gastoning on the garbage right hand, bring left foot up to dish in crack
  • Move right hand to thumbs up finger-lock (probably clip from that hold)
  • Do not forget far left crimp to help working up through the crack
  • Left hand to mail slot
  • Hands out to right to crimps
Training thoughts
  • The moves are all doable, it is going to be a question of building enough power endurance at this point
I had a blast today, regardless of the flapper. This route, and the process of unlocking it, are incredibly fun - I highly recommend it to anyone.

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