Sunday, November 9, 2014

WAGG Day 7 - Goes 22-24

I have been nursing a sore shoulder for a few weeks now, and I have not been resting it like I should. Today looked like it might be the last good rock climbing day for the year, so I had been planning all week to come up for the day. I had a good session on the hangboard on Thursday night, and planned on resting all day on Friday and Saturday to give the route one more solid effort before the season slipped away. Friday morning my dad called and asked me to help load a load of Christmas Trees at the family Christmas Tree Farm on much for resting. Sunday dawned, I was tired and sore, but I pointed the car north anyway and headed for one of the best routes in Wisconsin, if not the country.

11/09/14 (weight 177.0, AMRHR 64)

Matthew started the day off by hanging draws on Tower Route (5.10a), we pulled the rope and I clipped my way up. On the way down I rigged a directional through the top bolt on Dakota Farms Cheese (5.11a), so that we could finish warming-up with a quick TR lap on that. While I was taking my burn on DFC, Clayton showed up. Matthew and I figured we would have the place to ourselves but it seemed that Clayton and Skyler (who was still on his way) had the same idea. Clayton took a quick warm-up lap on the rope we had hanging.

I took a total of three goes on Whiskey, all on lead:
  1. I went bolt-to-bolt through the first four bolts then lowered off
  2. I climbed straight through to the third bolt, and then went bolt-to-bolt to the top (my best effort to-date)
  3. I botched stuff down low, hung on the third bolt and lowered off the fourth bolt
Clayton and Skyler each took a total of three or four goes on it too and I managed to get a decent shot of Clayton on the route:
Clayton on Whiskey a Go-Go (5.13a) at Petenwell Bluff, outside of Necedah, WI
Clayton and Skyler are both much closer to actually sending than I am, and they both turned in several solid efforts in which it looked like they were going to make it, only to fall within a few moves of the top. All told, it was a great day on Whiskey, and a great day at Necedah in general.

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