Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Only Blasphemy

I don't normally like to poach and repost content, but this video has been out for a few years now, and the article it's based on was originally published over thirty years ago. I prefer the raw version of the original text (which can be found here), but Rock & Ice also published in print the more sanitized version (found here) used to narrate the short film embedded below.

For those that have never pushed both their physical and safety limits at the same time, the words will probably ring hollow, instill fear, and raise questions about the sanity of those that pursue such endeavors. Those of us who have seen the hummingbird's wings flap a single flap (an allusion to the original text) understand exactly. The clarity, the slow-motion world, the burning desire to persevere and the experience of life unfiltered by thought is a powerful cocktail - for some (like me), just a few true tastes, with the occasional saccharin reminder, is enough. For others, the pull is too strong and they keep coming back for more...

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