Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wednesday Night in the Rain and the Coming Weekend


I had the good fortune of getting a few hours of climbing in last night at the Lake with Jon and Liz. The weather was subpar, but not bad enough to turn us away. We headed to Many Pines and set up a few top ropes, but the rain kept us off the sharp end and the hard stuff. We had a good time and made it back to the cars in fading light around 8:00pm. And yes, I climbed Peter's...again - although I spiced up the rainy TR with a pair of flip-flops.

The Coming Weekend:

I am psyched for the coming weekend. Saturday holds only a 10% chance of precipitation, but Sunday comes in a little better than a coin-flip at 60%. That means 94% chance of one rain-free day, and 36% of a rain-free weekend. So plan on climbing Saturday, staying Saturday night and playing it by ear Sunday morning.

It sounds like I am partnering up with quite a posse on Saturday, which should be fun. We are planning on heading to Horse Rampart. I cannot wait, I have not been there in a long time, and I look forward to reconnecting with some old favorites and a starting a few duels with some new ones.

Joshua Tree:

I know, I know. I am working on it, and I am still waiting to get some more pictures, but I will leave you with another teaser photo for the time being - none of us could send this in the hour or two we were here.
Jay and Matt searching for feet on Slashface (V3)

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